Imperial Tours

“Travelling with Friends”

Class instead of mass

Carried out in small groups of a maximum of 6-8 people (including travel companionship) each of our journey is unique. We pay attention to your comfort in all matters. We consider your music preferences during transfers, we take care of WIFI access and select restaurants according to your taste preferences.

Travelling with Friends

We don´t just feel responsible for your perfect travel experience but we are.
During the entire stay your support will not be provided to third parties in the host country, but we will be responsible on site, 24 hours a day.

Carefree package

You deserve a break from the daily routine. Enjoy your holiday fully without having to worry about tedious organizational matters. With us everything from transfers, flights, holiday documentation, meals, attractions to entrances and much more is pre-selected and reserved in advance.

Holiday documentation

Is your mobile phone charged? Who is taking pictures? You will remain amazed during our journeys and you would like to appreciate these moments, instead of experiencing them through a camera lens.
On request we photograph and film inconspicuously during the entire trip.

About us

Dear travelling companions!

Discover with us the comfortable, new way of travelling – true to our motto: “Travelling with Friends – experiencing Austria and the whole world privately!”

We look forward to joint travel adventures!

Paul Tupy & Matthias Urrisk

Travel inspirations


Together with us, immerse yourself into the world of “Travelling with Friends”.
We have prepared some sample tours for you, how about “Japan in spring” or “On the trail of the Danube monarchy”?

Island zu Neujahr

Japan im Frühling

Island - Hochland - Rundreise

Geheimnisse der Kanaren

Auf den Spuren der Donaumonarchie

Wiener Ball in Moskau

Our travel companions from all over the world



Katharina Brauner

CEO - HTS-Reisen

The specialist for individual travellers.
Many years of experience and networking with both, hotels and airlines, guarantees the best service.

“Being able and allowed to follow and support the wonderful work of Imperial Tours & Events is an honour! Matthias, Paul, their vision and me - it was love at first blush!"

Armin G. Heindl

Brand Manager

With over 15 brands and 45.000 sold cars DENZEL is one of the biggest car dealers in Europe. As mobility provider we are proud to be part of a project that shows the best and loveliest places in Europe and are even prouder to demonstrate our premium car brands in a fascinating way. 

“What an exciting idea to bring cultures together! It makes us proud to offer you our versatile carpool!” 

Mari Cecilia Murata

ICPA Japan

"Greetings from Tokyo!

As the founder of "ICPA-The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan"  I am truly excited to work with Imperial Tours & Events as a partner.
With the wonderful goals we share, I am certain that we will design a beautiful world together. I will be looking forward to taking our clients to the beautiful lands in Europe and welcoming you to Japan."

Makiko Krone

Founder of Kleine Krone

Since 1994, Makiko Krone has already travelled to Vienna more than 50 times, making her one of the specialists in Viennese ball and music culture.

“Imperial Tours & Events” is innovated by my longtime friends Matthias and Paul and will be an opportunity to open a unique and new door to Austria for you."

Rie Hamaguchi

Branch of Wisdom - London

With Over 30 years of experience that includes being a debutant at Hofburg palace, living and working in the Embassy of Japan in Vienna Austria, 
this leads her to build an exclusive club Salon de Branch of Wisdom.

"I'll be still a witness on how the Imperial Tours and Events lead on bringing opportunities, beautiful sceneries and cultures. It will be an honour to be part of their great journey"